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Etüde 1: Til Ungdommen

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

The poem was written in 1936 as an anti war song against fascism in the spanish civil war. The listener, spoken to as an individual, is supposed to start an active fight, instead of a reactive thinking. We in our research group read the song as a pacifistic call to arms against fascism, always thinking of your own life as well as the worth of humanity as a whole.

One of the difficulties we had translating the song was that non of us speaks norwegian, so we had to rely on a combination of different internet translations and some help of the norwegian team. Even though there had already been a german translation in the past, it was unusable for us, because this version took several liberties with the source material and we would rather stick as close to the original as possible.

While translating, we had to take the relatively short norwegian words and try to find german words that made it possible to sing with the original tune, but also made sense and idealy kept the rhyming patterns of the original. With a few phrases we had to get creative, for example using the word „blut'gen“ instead of „blutigen“.

After Utoya „til ungdommen“ was sung at different memorials. In this version, 4 verses are left out, which may be due to their political socialist implications.

In the following weeks we'd like to take a closer look into these verses.

by: Research Team Frankfurt

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