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Etüde 1: Breivik's Playlist

We are working and analyzing the music on Breivik’s Playlist. Polyphonic strings, military-sounding drums and driving rhythms; repetitions and increasing pathos characterize Breivik's choice of music. These songs, used by Breivik as a preparation for and as a soundtrack during the attack, are from the video game Age of Conan and the movie Lord of the Rings, hero and war fiction. In his manifesto he describes playing the songs in a loop as a dramaturgic strategy to transform himself into a "deadly force", a "one-man-army". By hearing the music he seems to harden, to condition his body and mind, to construct himself as an image of a male heroic figure. We wonder if Breivik uses the music to dive into a parallel world, where murdering is a part of his heroic war story? Or if he wants to produce a picture of himself for the outside; if he wants to be seen as a hero and a role model? Perhaps the music transports a longing for something new and the necessity to fight for it. Breivik wrote, that Lux Aterna should be the anthem of a new Europe. Choosing this war song, which he heard during the state of emergency of his attack, he constitutes violence as state of normality in his fascist utopia.

by: Research Team Frankfurt

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