We are researchers from Goethe-University (Frankfurt) working together with the norwegian theatre group Transiteatret-Bergen to produce the project "03:08:38 -Tilstander av Unntak" by Tore Vagn Lid.

The "Ausnahmezustand" describes situations in which law and rules are suspended.

Audio-visual Concept, Text, Director: Tore Vagn Lid

Sound Technician: Mathias Groensdal
Visual Artworks: Øystein Nesheim
Producer / Research Norway: Tor Chrsitian Bleikli

Dramaturgy / Research-team Germany:
Saija Kontio, Anna Neudert, Agnes Fink, Maíra Wiener, Ching Wen Peng, Julia Forgacs, Insa Peters, Xiaofen Wang, Alexandra Finder, Julia Salzmann, Ivana Mitric, Dennis Hoss, Helene Röhnsch, Ozi Ozar, Anja Schneidereit, Angelina Stross, Fabian Mauderer, Anne-Laure Thumerel 

See more from Transiteatret-Bergenhttps://www.transiteatret.no/

and about the Institute for Theater, Film and Media from Goethe-University Frankfurt:


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